Proxxon TBH (II)

Nuevo descubrimiento con mis problemas con el taladro Proxxon TBH. Vamos a ver si intentamos explicarlo en ingles para


News about the problem with the lever of my recently bought Proxxon TBH drill press.

I have adjusted the belt tension according to the manual and I have discovered that when tension it tightly, i can move the level all the way down.


That was great until i plugged in the drill and move the lever down. The lever vibrates a lot. Seems like the level gears is touching the motor.

Drill quill (pinole in german) runs parallel to the motor and they are connected with the belt. When tensioning the belt, in fact you are moving the motor away from the quill and the lever can go down (but seem still touching because the lever vibrates a lot). But when removing the tension motor and quill move closer one to another, and the lever blocks.

I make a graph from the user manual to try to clarify:

So, aplying tension to A, makes B and C to move away and the lever moves down. My first suspect is that gear number #33 is touching motor (part #91).

I have to put A LOT of tension in the belt to make the lever down and still seems that quill and motor touches.

Hope this information is usefull.




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